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Brunswick fashion label to show at Melbourne Fashion Week 2021

We’d like to send a big congratulations to Brunswick locals Harlow who are getting ready to show at Melbourne Fashion Week 2021!

Harlow is 1 of 9 premium designer brands showing as part of this year’s event and is one of the first plus-size fashion brands to show in the main festival at one of the headline runways – something definitely worth celebrating.

Founder of Harlow, Kerry Pietrobon said “I cannot tell you how excited we are to be showcasing our pieces at an event like this. It’s a dream come true. ALL my life I have attended Fashion weeks watching beautiful fashion walk the runway, but sadly knowing that nothing that I was seeing would come in my size. This is not only a WIN for us, but for every single woman who, like me, has left a fashion show feeling rejected by society and the fashion space because of their size. I will be packing tissues because I know there will be no holding back my tears of joy, for me and for anyone that has felt excluded in the past.”

Harlow began when Kerry was looking for a solution – she couldn’t find clothes that she loved, only ones that fit. Her love affair with fashion started early due to the lack of fashionable clothing in her size and she was forced to get creative.

Kerry knew she wasn’t the only one with with this problem. Over 10,000 women have felt the disappointment of shopping for fashion, but they’ve have also found a solution in Harlow.

Visit Harlow to view their latest collection online.